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Alain Pinto, Action Sports Photographer

Alain Pinto, action sports photographer and principal of Cold Smoke Photography Alain Pinto, Principal. Alain Pinto has been involved with action sports photography for many years. While studying photography in Colorado, his love of skiing prompted the first stop in Aspen, Colorado during the late 1970’s. This was followed by a few years of shooting skiing and snowboarding photos in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he continued to expand both his shooting skills and custom color lab skills. Summers were filled with shooting rafting and kayaking on the Colorado River, shooting sailing races at many venues (including Antigua race week), and shooting bicycle racing. The summer photography continued for another fifteen years.

Alain’s company, Cold Smoke Photography, was founded in 1982 and began with the first on-mountain photo operation at Big Sky, Montana. During the 1980’s, Alain was involved in opening seven other on-mountain photo operations at some of the great ski areas in the country; including: Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Crystal Mountain, Washington; Stratton Mountain, Vermont; Mount Bachelor, Oregon; Schweitzer, Idaho; Telluride, Colorado; and last but not least; Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico!

Now in the 2011 - ’12 ski season, Alain is in his third decade of shooting photos at Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico. Cold Smoke Photography has continued to evolve with the addition of Ryan Fellows as a partner four seasons ago and the conversion to digital photography. Alain’s goal has always been, and continues to be, to provide the best possible quality in photography for all of his customers.

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Cold Smoke Photography, Action Sports Photography, TAOS New Mexico


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